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How to build a business that lasts 100 years

How can entrepreneurs build long lasting companies with ideas from Biology, compiled by a thought provoking no-nonsense manager called Bob, and how can companies not start dying young. Martin Reeves suggests how...

What if there can be one product that incorporates nature's aspects into a metaphor product (called The Human Immune System) to product design and development as applicable to entrepreneurship also i.e. resilience through

i) Redundancy: How does the product it replaces aims to make it redundant, and not make itself so

ii) Diversity: How do diverse consumers (users) take a liking to such a product

iii) Modularity: If one system fails, other takes over (no, we're not talking about Google's Ara here)

iv) Adaptive: It is able to develop targeted antibodies to threats it hasn't yet encountered

v) Prudence: Has there been enough though and action so as to not present it as complex, inefficient or in silos

vi) Embedded: It offers a so-called protection against inherent ideology or social (mis) beliefs

Quite understandably, Bob seems to have come up with solutions to the more efficient (in the short term) biological product - The Human Immune System, as applicable to product applicability of the future

Not only do these six principles apply to building long-lasting companies, but also to complex social systems such as the Roman empire or the Church

What is the potential fallout if a corporate system similar to world's oldest existing company a 1400+ years old temple building company from Japan or, of Kodak that went bankrupt in 2012. Answering to this, Reeves amplifies the importance of diversity applied by leveraging companies' core competencies

Do you agree that having more pockets and draws than rivals, give additional boost to firms facing competition?

Let us know your views or suggestions via comments below

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